Special Approvals:

Approved for Chapter 31 by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.
U.C Approval for Algebra l, Algebra ll, Plane Geometry and Trigonometry.
Our courses meet Common Core Standards.

Regional Accreditation:

Westcott Courses/Omega Math are the teachers of the courses, and our partner universities, who are regionally accredited (WASC), award the credit for the individual classes. Once you are finished with the course, we will post your grade with the university and give you the instructions on how to order the transcript from their record's office. Since Westcott/Omega Math is the teacher, we do not appear on the transcript, the transcript from the university will show our course the same way it would show a traditional class taken on their campus. Taking a course through this program does not require being enrolled in the university as a regular student; anyone can receive the credits for these classes!

Your official transcript will come from either United States University, Brandman University or Woodbury University depending on the class you wish to take. All three universities are regionally accredited by WASC. United States University, Brandman University and Woodbury University grant semester credits for our courses. Some of the courses through Brandman are semester credits and others are Professional Development units (PDUs). Make sure you pay close attention when enrolling. Courses used for graduation must be semester credits, while courses used as prerequisite for other courses may not need to have semester credits. It just depends on your college. See the course page for pre-approval information.

Verify our Partner Universities are Regionally Accredited via Department of Education (gov) site:

After clicking the Department of Education link, enter the following for the desired college:

United States University: Enter California for the State
Click on United States University.

Brandman University: Enter the street address of: 16355 Laguna Canyon Road
Click on Brandman University.

Woodbury University: Enter the street address of: 7500 Glenoaks Blvd
Click on Woodbury University.

Verify our Association with our Partner Universities:

To verify our association with United States University, scroll down on this page to General Education Courses. This page talks about our partnership. It says, "United States University is in partnership with Westcott Courses ...".
You can click on "Learn More" but come back to this site to enroll. Since you are not a regular student at US University, you must register through this site.

Brandman University
Visit the page for our Course Descriptions on Brandman Universities site.

Woodbury University course links:
Basic Math/Pre Algebra:(

Elementary Algebra: (

Since you are not a regular student at United States, Brandman or Woodbury University, you must register through this site.