Brandman University and Westcott Courses have partnered to offer high schools dual enrollment college credit opportunities for their students!

Benefits of the Dual Credit Program

  • You will be able to offer your students the ability to earn college credits that are taught by college instructors, while completing a high school diploma.
  • Dual enrollment credit will help your students complete their college degree on time, or possibly early. The more classes students take through this program, the further ahead they will be at their university of your choice!
  • Dual enrollment credit will introduce your students to the academic rigor of college coursework, and give them the confidence to complete a college degree. With all of our courses online, your students will be able to adapt to college coursework before leaving the comfort and support of their home.
  • Dual enrollment credit may help your students to determine their area of academic interest before the pressure is on to declare a major.
  • You can enroll your students in a course any day of the year, and they can start their coursework that same day. Once they are finished with that course, you can enroll them in the next course. With the convenience of not being tied to a traditional semester schedule, students can complete more courses in less time.
  • You can help your students save money on college tuition, as our online courses cost less than most on campus courses.

How the Dual Credit Program Works

Westcott Courses ( in partnership with Brandman University ) works with your high school to offer courses wherein both high school credit and college credit is granted to the student. Credit availability is subject to each individual school's participation in the Dual Enrollment Program. Each school will determine if they will permit our online college credit courses to carry high school credit.

Westcott Courses provides the course content, teachers, software engineering, and platform for the courses. All courses have been reviewed by Brandman University faculty to ensure they meet the quality, rigor, and academic standards of the university. Several courses through Westcott also have UC Approval. Read more about accreditation here.

Our Courses

We offer two types of courses, those with rolling enrollment, and those that require a cohort of at least nine students and have a set schedule.

Rolling Enrollment Courses:

Students can be enrolled in these courses any day of the year, and start that same day!

How the rolling enrollment courses work:
  1. An authorized teacher from your school enrolls your students through a Westcott portal, and the student's online courses are activated immediately.
  2. Your students take each course with Westcott Courses. We provide the course content and the college instructor.
  3. Your students have nine months of access to complete the course; however, they can finish the course as soon as they are able and move on to the next course.
  4. Brandman University provides the college credit, and the official transcript. (Brandman University is regionally accredited by WASC.)
  5. Your school provides the high school credit for the student.

Course/Price List
Please contact Nancy Davis,, 805-489-2831, ext 1001 for more information regarding the rolling enrollment courses.

Set Schedule Cohort Courses:

Brandman University also offers set schedule courses for a cohort of students. Please let us know if you’re interested in this model, or contact Reagan Forlenzo, Director for the School of Extended Education at 949-383-3303 or