Enroll in science courses under Specified Testing Labs, LLC.

The following links enroll you in the selected science course, and puts you under the admin account for Specified Testing Labs, LLC. This gives Specified Testing Labs the ability to verify your enrollment, and track your progress.

Specified Testing Labs will pay for the cost of the courses for their employees.  In order for Specified Testing Labs to pay for your course, please follow these steps:
1)  Choose the correct course below, and fill out the enrollment form.  When it gets to the payment part, enter "Pay by Phone".  This will let you move forward with the form.

2)  Email Ethan Einwohner and have him send an email to Nancy Davis approving the payment.  CC nancy@westcottcourses.com on this email.

Once payment has been approved by Ethan Einwohner, your account will be activated, and you will receive an email letting you know you can start the course. 

Microbiology with Laboratory (4 credits)  - Enroll Now
Principles of Chemistry (3 credits) - Enroll Now
Principles of Chemistry with Laboratory (4 credits) - Enroll Now

The above courses require a proctored final.  Please read about available Proctored Final testing.  We have a testing center approved for online proctoring, and students who have a computer with a camera can use their service.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Nancy Davis , 415-603-4088.