The cost of each class can be divided into two payments by checking the payment plan box when you enroll.

Choice 1 - Pay by Credit Card:
The course total price will be split into two payments. The first payment is 55% of the total amount, and the second payment is 45% of the total amount. Your first payment will be charged when you enroll, and the second payment will be charged in 30 days. There is a $3.50 additional fee for the credit card split for each of the two payments.

Choice 2 - Pay with two checks:
Mail us 2 checks for the two payments, dated 30 days apart.
There is no split charge for the check option. Just click on "Check by Mail" under Payment Information when you enroll. The form at the end of your enrollment will give you the address for mailing the checks.

Early Transcripts:   If you plan to finish the class fairly quickly, then you may not want to use the payment plan.   Your registration is not sent into the university until both payments are made, and your registration has to be in before the university will issue a transcript.   As long as you don't require a transcript in less than a month, you may use the payment plan.